SecurityLine Guard Response Service

As an optional Service, SecurityLine offers a 24/7 Alarm Response Service operated by Commissionaires of British Columbia.

About Commissionaires BC

Commissionaires BC is one of 17 divisions located across Canada that form Commissionaires Canada, the largest, best-trained and most experienced security services provider in Canada today. The 20,000 employees, predominately former military and RCMP personnel, serve local and national clients located coast to coast. Through training and experience, they are uniquely equipped to deliver the highest standard of service, consistently and with integrity. (


About The Service

SecurityLine and The Commissionaires offer two different levels of guard response/monitoring which you can choose to use on a case-by-case basis. When your Alarm is triggered and you cannot or do not, wish to attend, the SecurityLine Mobile Guard Response Service can handle it.
** check with us to see that the Guard Response Service is available in your area.

LEVEL 1 - Remote Video Attendance ($7.50 per incident):

Step 1 - Dispatch will remotely attend to the SecurityLine recorded event video as well as real-time video monitoring to attempt to verify the Alarm.

Step 2 If a verified alarm, police will be dispatched immediately.

LEVEL 2 - On-Site Guard Response Service ($35 + $7.50 per incident):
If requested, on-site mobile guard response service is available to respond to your alarm(s).

Step 3 Dispatch will instantly dispatch a mobile unit to your premises.

Step 4 Mobile unit will perform a thorough external and internal inspection.
                (key provided or lock-box used)

Step 5 Mobile unit will coordinate with police as necessary.

Step 6 Mobile unit will remain on-site until your premises is once again secured.



One-Time Registration Fee                                                   $0 - Level 1 Response
                                                                                            $50 - Level 2 Response only.

Monthly Service Fee                                                             $7.50 per month

Response Service                                                                 $35 per incident (on top of the $7.50 from the Level 1 response)
                                                                                               *response service fee may vary in different areas.


Terms and Conditions

- A Commissionaire will stay on site for up to 30 minutes in the event of an alarm to ensure home is secure.
- If Commissionaire is required to stay more than 30 minutes, additional time
   will be charged at regular hourly rate of $20 per hour, minimum 3 hours per call out.
- Regular hourly rate is subject to change without notice.
- Listed fees are exclusive of GST.