"However you use it,
SecurityLine just works!"




 SecurityLine is designed to work with all industry-standard alarm hardware.

 After the simple installation procedure, all of your previously installed alarm hardware (including alarm panels, motion sensors, contact door and window sensors, vibration sensors, etc...) will function as it did before, only now it will be part of SecurityLine's array of alarm-triggering devices. Your devices will only add to the SecurityLine's already impressive emergency detection and optional monitoring/notification system.

 Even if you don't have an existing alarm system, SecurityLine will work in almost any environment where you need to secure your property. We have the right option for you.

"From your computer screen, your telephone or the palm of your hand - SecurityLine will work around your life"

 With SecurityLine's cutting edge internet-based technology, not only will the system itself be compatible with all of your hardware, it is also compatible with YOU! As a system user, you can use any of your existing devices to check in on your property and be notified of and verify emergencies.

 SecurityLine is set up for easy use on all of your personal devices, including your personal computer, wireless laptop, alarm panel, picture-capable cell-phone, PDA, Blackberry pager, PocketPC, or even by the simple automated interactive telephone service. Because SecurityLine is designed with standard-format technology - it will also work with any new devices that you may get in the future.

 Anywhere you go, you are easily in touch with your property's security system and your own peace of mind.



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