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 One of the major concerns with the design of the SecurityLine product was ease of use. With integration with your existing alarm system, no changes need to be made to your day-to-day use of arming and disarming your alarm system. You can even keep the exact same codes as before!

The system also now allows for an array of new options for arming and disarming - it can even be set for use with the simple touch of a single button on your mobile phone!

 During an emergency or break-in, SecurityLine will guide you quickly and easily through all of the procedures to take action and resolve your security issues, no matter how you are interfacing. This mean that the system is out of your mind unless you need it!  No special courses needed just to keep secured.  


 Because SecurityLine is designed to work with all industry-standard alarm hardware, your alarm installer will be able to simply add it on to your current system or install it with a new system.
 With the SecurityLine Plug&Play Kit, there is no need to do any complicated configurations to set up the camera. After installation, simply log on to the secured web-based application from any browser and your own SecurityLine is ready to go.


 We can easily customize your system to your specific security needs. From a single door to a large warehouse, SecurityLine is right for you. 

 Contact your local alarm installer and ask them for SecurityLine by name.

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