When an alarm is triggered at your Alarm Panel, the signal is passed to the on-site SecurityLine Camera.

 The camera immediately sends the TRIGGER message to the SecurityLine Server. Video clips are recorded whenever there is movement in the field of view of the camera. These recordings are sent over the Internet to the SecurityLine Server, which records the event and stores the video clips for retrieval by the customer. From the secured SecurityLine web application, the customer can view, save and send both these recorded clips, as well as live videos.

 The SecurityLine Server starts the notification process by sending an emergency message, via emails, pages, web ‘push’ messages, and voice phone calls to the people and devices on the notification list
(ie. Key holders).

 When a User acknowledges the message, he/she can then view the affected premise in real-time as well as viewing captured video, on any wired or wireless Internet device. This gives the user the ability to confirm that there is a real break-in, or to simply ignore any non-emergencies.
 This is the real difference that
SecurityLine technology makes!




 Immediately upon verification, the police can be called with a VERIFIED, IN-PROGRESS Emergency. This kind of verification will ensure that police will respond at high-priority CODE 3 (lights & sirens). Verification of an emergency is the ONLY way to get this kind of response.


 Alarm system are designed to protect your home and business from break-ins and thefts. They provide safety and security for your family or workers and your personal or business property. Often alarm systems will qualify owners for discounted insurance, and at times they are even mandatory for some insurance policies.

So what should an alarm system DO for me?

 It should prevent break-ins by it's shear presence - obviously the better the system, the better it is as discouraging such crimes.

 In the event that a break-in should occur, it is the alarm system's responsibility to set in motion the series of actions that will hopefully STOP the crime and IDENTIFY the perpetrators. This is done with the intention of retaining or recovering your property.



Why use a monitoring service?

 When a break-in occurs, the property owner is typically away from the site. A monitoring service's prime function is to contact the owner and notify them of the event.

So what's missing?


 Statistics show that in some jurisdictions, as many as 90% of alarms are false alarms. As a result, police are typically slow and/or unwilling to respond. An effective alarm system should provide for a speedy response by the property owner, a private guard response agent, and/or the police to stop a break-in in progress.
  This is where SecurityLine comes in...





The easy-to-use SecurityLine software is available as an online application. This means that you don’t even need to install any programs on your computer or learn how to use any complicated applications.

Customer Requirements:

- Highspeed internet connection w/ modem.
- Installed alarm panel and detection
   -> can be installed along with the
       SecurityLine system.
- Optional: monitored alarm system.
   -> SecurityLine can also provide
       automated monitoring &




 A specialized SecurityLine camera is mounted in an area in your home, office, or cottage where thieves are likely to pass upon breaking in.
 The camera is connected to your exiting Alarm Panel to the Alarm circuit. The camera is also connected to the SecurityLine Server through your existing High Speed Internet connection.

- High quality SecurityLine
  wireless digital internet
  video camera (w/ audio).
- Pre-configured Plug&Play
  SecurityLine wireless
  network router.
- Mounting hardware.
- Appropriate power


 As an optional add-on, you can sign up with our guard-response service for a small monthly fee.

 This service is an excellent addition to the SecurityLine system to provide on-scene response whenever it is needed. Guard service is ideal for taking over monitoring if you are unwilling or unavailable, as well as to secure a location, should a break-in occur.

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